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Welcome to Key Property Lawyers Ltd, the Property firm with a difference      

Key Property Lawyers was born on 1 October 2008. The two directors heading the firm are Janette Brown and Tobias Richmond. We are a local firm catering to the needs of specifically Keynsham, Bristol and Bath. We have various clients' throughout the South West, Wales and London.


You will always have a fully qualified lawyer dealing with your case and not para-legals or less qualified staff. We believe in providing our clients' with the best service possible which means that you come first. Our local knowledge and expertise built over four decades of experience put the firm in a unique position to help.

We carry out hand holding for first time buyers, special transactions for high networth clients', and through a vast network of contacts can help you with any of your property needs.

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Please do not attend our offices without a specific appointment.

South Office Suite, First Floor, Westway Business Centre, Marksbury, Bath, BA2 9HN  Tel: 01179 869790  

CLC Licence No: 11244                                                               Email:

We also specialise in shared ownership, declarations of trust, splitting title deeds, creating leases and equity release.

We do not believe in globalisation or working at arms length. We prefer a proper relationship between your lawyer and yourself so that you feel comfortable and happy with your experience of dealing with Key Property Lawyers.

Please do not hesitate to contact Janette Brown or Tobias Richmond to discuss any of your property needs.

We also take this opportunity to say thank you for looking at our website.

Key Property Lawyers Team:


Tobias Richmond Dual qualified with CLC & SRA, 28 years Legal Experience

Janette Brown, 38 years Legal Experience

Martin Barnes, 20 years Legal Experience

"We want to work with clients who want to achieve home ownership and build a relationship".


"We aim to be the No 1 law firm for house buyers and sellers in the country".


"The difference is we care - we put ourselves in your shoes".


"Avoid costly mistakes - pay for proper legal assistance and save yourself money in the long run".


"We help people move on with their lives".


"We help growing families move into better homes".


"We help first time buyers have that amazing experience of owning their own home".


"We help people change their life style by releasing capital in their homes".


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Toby and Team,


Thank you so much for everything you’ve done. Your level of service has been exemplary, and this experience has been consistent with the previous two times I’ve chosen to use Key Property Lawyers – excellent.


You’ve made what can be complicated feel very simple. Thank you.


Best wishes,



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